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Full text of "Handbook Of Chemical Engineering - I"

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Jerome   Alexander.    Ph.   D.    Vice-president.    Uniform   Adhesive  Co.    Colloidal
Chemistry. P. E. Barbour.    B. S.    Mining Engineer.    Asst. Secy., American Inst. of Mining
Engineers.    Materials of Construction.
A. V. Bleininger.   Ph. D.    Chemist.    Homer-Laughlin China Co.    Refractories. H. H.  Buckman.   B.   S.    Chemical Engineer.    President,  the   Buckman  Corp.
Plant Design. J. V. N. D orr.    Ph. D.    Consulting Engineer.    President, The Dorr Co.   Leaching and
D. Drogin.    M. A.    Consulting Petroleum Technologist.    Destructive Distillation. William D. Ennis.   M. E.   Consulting Mechanical Engineer.    Vice-president Technical Advisory Corporation.    Power Generation and Transmission.
C. 0. Fairchild.    M. S.   U. S. Bureau of Standards.    Pyrometry and Thermometry.
F. W. Faragher. Ph. D. Fellow, Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. Fractional Distillation.
Colin G. Fink. Ph. D. Consulting Electrometallurgist. Secretary, Amer. Electro-chem. Soc. High Temperature Production.
Paul D. Foote. Ph. D. Physicist, U. S. Bureau of Standards. Pyrometry and Thermometry.
Arthur Given. Late Chemical Engineer, Picatinny Arsenal. Deceased. Crystallization.
C. Glaser.    Ph. D.    Consulting Chemist and Zymotechnologist.    Fermentation.
Van Rensselaer H. Greene. B. S., B. A. Consulting Engineer. President, Van Rensselaer H. Greene Co. Refrigeration.
T. R. Harrison.    B. S.    U. S. Bureau of Standards.    Pyrometry and Thermometry.
Walter Renton Ingalls. Ph. D. Consulting Metallurgist. President American Association of Weights & Measures. Zinc Smelting; Lead Smelting.
Donald M. Liddell. A. B. Consulting Engineer. Weld & Liddell. The Transportation of Gases, Sampling, Electrolytic Phenomena, The Financing of Enterprises.
Otto Mantius. M. E. Consulting Engineer. President, Mantius Engineering Co. Evaporation and Drying.
H. A. Megraw. B. S. Mining Engineer. Authority on the cyanide process. Vice-president, Crown Oil & Wax Co., Baltimore, Md. Crushing and Grinding.
R. B. Moore. D. Sc. Chief Chemist. U. S. Bureau of Mines. Radio Activity; Rare Metals; Rare Gases.
A. Cressy Morrison. Secretary, International Acetylene Association. The Handling of Compressed Gases.
F. F. Nickel.    Consulting Engineer.    The Transportation of Liquids.
F. F. Peters.    Metallurgical Engineer.    Leaching and Dissolving.
Francis P. Pyne. B. S. Works Manager. U. S. Metals Refining Co., Chrome, N. J. Copper Smelting; Roasting.
L. C. Reese.    Ph. D.    Consulting Chemical Engineer.    Mixing and Kneading.
S. S. Sadtler. B. S. S. P. Sadtler & Son, Consulting Chemists. Lutes and Cements, Portland Cement.
E.  P. Schoch.    Ph. D.    Professor of Chemistry.    University of Texas.    Oxidation
and Reduction.